Changes…several weeks ago I felt:
“This is the last creation I’m going to make”.

It turned out to be a turning point – a point of no return. And of more detailed art. I am a sunchild in a moonwoman’s body. A womban. A b’Earth Mother. I feel pregnant nearly all the time and am giving birth very often.
I’m deeply connected to my pelvic area and create from my pelvic area, combined with my heart and third eye. My creative and spiritual flow goes on day and night. I work day and night. That’s a blessing and a curse sometimes too, but it’s what my soul came here to do – to serve through creating.

And I love it.

Still there’s a refinement in my heArt. The change is that the focus of my art will be on wombs, yonis (vaginas), boobs, pregnancy, birth and sacred sensuality/sexuality. Divine feminine in humanness. That includes the divine feminine in men.
My Soulkeepers seem to have done what they needed to do – I’m not sketching any new ones these days, only finishing the ones I already started over the past two years.

Another change is that I’m spending more linear time to create my art. That has to do with the depth of my inner connection to myself and hence to the other realms.

I’m very much looking forward to see what my hands will create from this connection!