Welcome in my webshop! Here you can find original artworks for sale, prints, postcards and other products based on my art. If you have any questions or would like a custom made artwork by me, please contact me and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Here you can view and order my original artwork. If you are interested in a custom made artwork, please contact me.


Prints of my artwork, professionally printed and laminted on photopaper. Some of them are only available in limited editions. If this is the case, it is stated with the information about the artwork. If you desire for an artwork to be printed on a different type of paper, on canvas or on other mediums, please contact me.


Postcards of my artwork, professionally printed and laminated on high quality paper. An original gift to send or to collect. Other merchandise, like mugs and books, will be available soon.

Donations & patronage

To support me in my creative journey and life purpose, you are very welcome to make a donation. On this page you will find more information. If you wish to contribute to my life purpose in another way, please contact me.

Terms and conditions apply on every sale in the webshop of Stophie Stok. In addition, specific conditions apply to the purchase of original art. When purchasing art or products through the website of Sophie Stok, you agree to these conditions. The conditions are only available in Dutch. 

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